Tonight’s show featured Doug Dannger, entertainment writer for the Orange County Courier and a self-described “gay man and gay journalist” talking with Phil from his regular Tuesday bowling night with the Courier’s league team. Doug had just bowled a 272 on route to a crushing victory over the San Gabriel Valley Tribute. On to ostensibly talk about Tom Cruise possibly starring in a fiilm version of “The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Doug mentioned that Roman Toomey, the only surviving child of mass murderer Randall Toomey, was at the bowling alley dropping his pants and flipping people off because he’s “one of those shock bowlers that played in the PBA awhile back….”

Plus asteroid talk and Bob Bakian reports from high above a “nudes beach…..not a nudist beach…but a nudes beach….There’s a difference…”

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