Tonight Bobbie Dooley was guest host and along with her husband Steve she talked about everything from incest, to Steve’s impotence outside of LA County (complete with a song about that called ‘I Love To Screw In LA’) to doing anything to protect your children, including burning a house to the ground (She interviewed author Ian Steve about his book ‘Everything For Brian’)

Caller Lloyd Bonafide took exception to Bobbie referring to the Minnesota State Patrol as “the Gestapo.”

Bobbie also tried to fake a phony-baloney family ‘saying’ but she ran out of stuff to say before the show eneded.

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    Judge Wyld

    It will be interesting to see if this spoof of flat table talk style of am radio becomes a hit. Doesn’t have any punch or interest. Insiders can appreciate the art of the spoof for about 20 minutes. It is clever and well done from that aspect. Judge

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    timothy markus


  • Alex

    @Robert: You need iOS 3.0 or later in order to view the live stream on your iOS device. Most Apple devices released in the last couple of years are capable of this, but it’s worth double checking.

    The full show podcast is working properly. Please e-mail our support team ([email protected]) or use the Contact Us page and we will figure out why it’s not working for you. Thanks!

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    Robert Scott

    None of my IOS devices can view the show when it is on live……watch live simply does not load……..I can view a videocast the next day. Also, the full show episodes on itunes/podcasts do no longer load automatically and the link from your website does not work at all…….it simply dies out just as it does for “watch live”. Everything works on my Mac but the two issues are across the board on my 3 ios devices. I have followed all your suggestions and still no fix. Very disappointed……….I don’t understand why there is no app for the show and why you cannot sign in on itunes for the full show podcasts……..really a poorly run sight.



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