Hour 1: Larry Grover is on the show to talk about the healthcare bill being signed into law. He doesn’t like it. He says that the conservatives used to fight for this law, but it seems like they just gave up. The fight’s over.

Hour 2: Phil discussed the news media. There was a “There goes that Biden” saying Joe Biden dropped the F-bomb. Austin Amarka thinks Joe was saying it to Obama. During the second half of the show Phil takes a call from a listener. There is a news story about Google and Ann Coulter.

Hour 3: Ted Bell donated 3 Laker tickets to Kids for USA. When he found out this charity is for kids who are overweight he rescinded on his offer. He thought these kids were already in shape. Ted says the way the kids look clashes with his polished look. He also refuses to call the kids fat, instead calling them pudgy and husky. At the end of the hour there is a news story that says Seattle, Boston, and DC are the riskiest online cities.

Show log by Bonnie Kliewer

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    Show synopsis:

    Larry Grover came on the program to talk of health care reform passage and whether or not there is actually a large number of people opposed to health care as the Conservatives say. He says that we are "walking bow-legged from being raped so much on this health care deal." Phil tells us in the second hour that the real story behind everything is media, not Obama, or health care or anything else. Ted Bell didn’t realize that the kids from the Diabetes foundation that he offered his tickets to Laker game would be fat and he didn’t want them on the jumbotron in his courtside seats.

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    Phil; I love your new look. The background color of the site is too dark, but the 007 feeling is way cool. Now that you are such eye-candy, how about a picture of Chris Norton, too?

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    Phil, You look like a vampire!….Why the cigarette smoke in the background? Very difficult to impossible to read when screen is dimmed. Other than that: I couldn’t live without you!!!!

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    Where are the archives?
    Change the colors, it’s hard to read!!

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