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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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Hour 1:

Gay man and gay journalist Doug Dannger conducted a survey to see what the public thought was more important, him coming out of the closet... or the movie the Da Vinci code.

Hour 2:

Channel 19 News Anchor Don Berman will do an undercover story from LA County Jail, he is willing to put himself through sexual assault for ratings.

Hour 3:

Jeff Dowder tells Phil about the jail time he did in Australia, and RC chimes in. Phil rants about Jodie Foster and the new 9/11 Pentagon videotape. Margaret calls in to give her take on the new video, and Harvey chimes in. Bud Dickman says Bush isn't letting anymore Chingros in the country. Little Kerry and Lloyd Bonifide join the PHS for "Football Quiz Time." Phil talks about the negative Da Vinci Code press.


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