Classic Hour

The return of Chris Pootay’s Love Songs in what Chris calls “The Pootay Chalet.” Chris has interested syndicators into the studio to watch his show as he does his “Big O” dedications. That’s where he intros the record by sounding like he’s paddling it.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, Jay Santos discusses the recent cell phone driving bans. Jay stands on the side of the highway holding signs that say, “Hang it up.” They also monitor cell phone conversations and will break in on conversation.

Episode 643 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Thank you!

  • Michael Callair
    Michael Callair

    Sharing the show, sharing the show. Tha rappin’General…General Gaylen “no chainz”Shaw

  • Avatar

    Hey Phil, got my wisdom teeth taken out in boot camp… on my birthday! What did I get? 5 500mg Tylenol and the cotton out of tampons to soak up the blood! Told the naval surgeon it was my birthday. He said “Well, happy birthday recruit, now open up.” 5 minutes later I was out.

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