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This log represents the classic Phil Hendrie Shows that aired over our video feed:

Nov 23rd 1999–“Mano E Mano, Drink to Drink” Steve Bosell took his family to a restaurant and ended up going head to head in a drinking contest with his 18 year old son to teach him a lesson about alcohol. Steve is humiliated that his his son drank him under the table.

Mar 21st 2000 Hour 2:—“Guns In the Household” 68-year old gun owner Lloyd Bonifide claims it keeps his mind sharp and adrenaline up when he leaves a loaded weapon somewhere in the house with his 5-year old grandson. *Featuring the classic clip “Lloyd fights his way off hold.”

Dec 9th 2005: Vernon Dozier is working at a mall as “That Son of A Bitch” Santa. He is upset because kids keeping farting in his lap.

June 22nd 2006: Ted Bell of Ted’s of Beverly Hills says that people who dine at his restaurant are first class, that’s why he doesn’t allow his customers to take a doggy bag home when they leave.

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    where is the one where chris is in the club and he breaks the egg i think he is the dj.

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    I’m just wondering why there was another "Best Of" on the 18th.

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    WTF??? why am I paying for this??? I cant beleive the technical incompance!!! I cant beleive the continous pre show audio mute. I can listen for free on the radio. This is so amature and bush league!!!!

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    I pay the 7$ so I can download and listen at work the next day. Apparently some people do it so they can make whiney comments 😀

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    Are you seriously whining about spending $7 a month? That’s pretty pathetic. Also, learn to spell, or at least use a spell checker. Then, when you try to argue a point, it won’t appear as though it was made by a mongoloid.

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    Thanks for that, Alex. I’ll listen to the audio now 🙂

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    Hey phil maybe one day can u have margaret grey and chris norton have a dance off because i heard some old shows where chris cracked an egg open while doing the splits and did a summersault over an open watermelon with "im too sexy" song in the background margaret was throwing her head around like a wild woman and got on the floor and spreading her legs open, shut and she roars like a jungle cat MEOW. like to hear this one.

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    Did something happen to the regular show?

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    Just to clarify: the three hourly downloads are "Best Of" material supplied by TRN, while the videocast is four hours of "Classic" material hand-picked by Phil.

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