Bobbie and Steve Dooley tonight mentioned their Summer-tacular dance competition featuring 6, 7 and 8 year old girls as if it was an artistic and classy demonstration. Among the featured dance moves were “The Spread,” “The Full-Spread,” “The Three-Quarter Spread,” “Junk In The Trunk,” “The Tail Gunner,” and “The Lay-Out.” Larry Grover joined is for a discussion of Congressman Mark Souder, who has resigned after it was revealed he’d had an affair with a staff member. Larry has had it with fellow Christian conservatives failing morally. he thinks the best thing for Souder is to be slapped and thenj back-handed and the best thing for the woman involved is to have her head shaved. Larry also revealed that he bolted a cage around his own manhood as a way of teaching himself not to say the words “boobs” or “tits.”

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    Bud: "you, uh, you mean you wanna see Boxer, uh, with a guy, and you wanna see them, like, do it?"

    No Bud, not Boxer, (or Pelosi, for that matter) But Michelle Bachmann? Oh, God yes, I’d pay to see that, and in a good New York Conservative Republican Glenn Beck minute.

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    Me too Naomi:)
    I know one of them was in Jaws.

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    Michael… I think it was because Phil spent most of the night chewing out his producer. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger… hang in there Jason.

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    Why are we still having "best ofs?"

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    How do I get a ticket to the Western Estates "Summer-tacular?" Stub hub or a scalper outside the gates?

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    I get Roy Scheider and Rod Steiger mixed up for some reason.

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