Hour 1:

“The Stock Market And You” Restaurant owner Ted Bell joins the program to share his knowledge on the recent crash of “dot com” websites. Phil talks about America Airlines canceling their ads on the Dr.Laura Show.

Hour 2:

“Michael J. Fox” Margaret Grey believes actor Michael J. Fox pretended to have Parkinson’s to get the attention of Hollywood producers.

Hour 3:

“Hef Hefner & the Playboy Rabbits” Mavis Leonard joins the program, she turned her grandson onto the Playboy channel after she caught him masturbating to a Macy’s brazier ad. Phil reads Fathers Day gift ideas from a mail-order catalog.

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    I had the space capsule pool float when I was a kid in Palm Springs and it’s one of my favorite memories of growing up there, partly because it was the only thing that offered any shade in the pool when you were swimming around noon on a Saturday during the summer!

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