Hour 1:

Telemarketer Chris Norton joins the program, he is interested in being the first man to join the National Organization for Women. Chris says he wants to become more familiar with the political needs of women, stand up for women’s rights, and have lots of

Hour 2:

“From My Cold Dead Hands” Advertising exec Brad Rifkin joins the program to comment on the “from my cold dead hands” comment made recently by Charleton Heston. Phil talks about live police shootings, the television show “Titus”, and Sailor Moon.

Hour 3:

“(T.Rex) Can’t Get No Satisfaction” RC Collins joins the program to talk about teenage sex and masturbation, he believes that T.Rex is extinct because his arms were too short to masturbate. Phil reads from a “self care” catalog, talks about his tuesday ni

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    Hour 2 doesn’t work.

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    I 2nd Mike’s comment….hour 2 is not there 😢

  • Mike Angileri
    Mike Angileri

    Hour 2 is completely silent.

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