Hour One:

Phil tells the tale of his accelerator sticking….on the freeway….Phil believes his stated intention of suing the FCC and his car almost going out of control are not a coincidence….Phil theorizes that a woman who won seven million suing her company because of the toxic effects of someone’s perfume won’t see nickel one….Some old bastard named Alf calls and wants to know “whatever happened to Kobe Bryant”…..A caller tells Phil he swears to God he saw Dave Chappelle at the Popeye’s on Melrose and Highland “ordering an eight piece bucket with two sides of cole slaw and cob”……

Hour Two:

Jay Santos and the Citizens Auxiliary Police will patrol beaches and parks this summer to make sure some parent putting sun lotion on their kid “isn’t getting their cookies.”

Hour Three:

Raj Feneen with his usual American baiting…Raj says the Constitutions guarantee of free press is what allowed Newsweek to print the Koran story which got “15,000 Packies carved up.” Then he asks the requisite question of the callers: “Do you super size?”

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