Hour 1: Harvey Weirman, Commandant of Bradley Military Academy and a commission member investigating alleged Koran desecration at Guantanamo tells Phil that theoretically having a Marine wipe himself with the Koran is not “desecration.” On the other hand if an Army guy did it…….

Hour 2: Coast to Coast With Art Bell interviews General Johnson Jameson who has a phone that is literally connected to the afterlife. Unfortunately, the General gets crank-called by Hitler and Jesus and then won’t take the call of some kid he killed.

Hour 3: Phil plays a bit from February because a listener wrote to say he was pretty sure a woman who called the show then was Betty White. Hal and Viola, Clara and Bob Green check in. …….Dolly Parton comes on to talk about allergies and how they screw her voice up so bad she sounds like John Lee Hooker……Joe Elliot of Def Leppard calls in and sounds like John Lee Hooker too…….. Phil reads e-mail….Vince Applehead, Yoga Instructor, comes on the show to demonstrate, with Phil, various postures with the usual fart humor ensuing….Phil tells people he’ll be on in Houston May 31st, not the 23rd and it will be 7-9pm, not 9-12m….not that anyone told him…..

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