RC Collins, a cadet at Bradley Military Academey, took exception to Phil’s pre-show tirade and the language that he used and with David G. Halls help used that to get Phil to talk about the Miami face-chewing episode and whether it was inspired by the Walking Dead…Margaret Grey, in order to cheer Phil up, sang (or butchered) the song ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water.” She also carved “Waiting For A Girl Like You” a new ass.

Doug Dannger and Pastor William Rennick debated two Abraham Lincoln movies coming put this year; “Lincoln” with Daniel Day-Lewis and the action/schtick flick “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” Pastor Rennick claimed that Lincoln “could kick Dracula’s ass, that Interview with a Vampire vampire’s ass, Blade’s ass and those little twinkle-toe Twighlight vampires’ asses!”

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    Hey Phil,

    You spent an entire hour two months ago explaining how and why Obama will get reelected. In your didactic tone full of conviction, your clear voice and resolute personality explained how he will win the reelection again please!!!!!. Could you please spend another hour again explaining why Obama will get reelected I am a little concerned. So please spend the next third hour reassuring me with your advanced intellect and vocabulary that everyting will be ok.

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    Yes. Phil works harder at his content than the national show hosts who are making millions with less talent. I haven't seen such attention to pure self directed content (other than my own show of course) ever. The hosts who make millions are providing bought content which does not serve the listening audience but only serves the 'benefactors'. That's why radio people get paid nothing. All they have is their craft and no other paying skill. If all your career is the radio and you don't sell out, then all the radio talent in the world still gets paid zilch. Judge Wyld

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    Phil, I respectfully request, as an old fart (even older than you!) who was a radio mutant in my early (pre-TV) years, that whatever you do with your business, please continue to sell access to the archives of your work. It is a genuine treasure. Thank you.

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