Well, we kicked it off with Reverand David Castorini who, like Representative Anthony Weiner, sent a very graphic picture via Twitter to a young lady. Only Reverand Castorini admits it and says he’s apologized to all concerned so people need to stop judging him or they are sinning “against a reverand which is almost as bad as sinning against Jesus.” By the way, you don’t want to know what it was Castorini sent a picture of.

Next hour Stephen Bosell had more problems with April Jr.’s school. Only this time he gives us more information about CK Corona Midle School and it’s mysterious headmistress “Erica Dorton” and it ain’t good. Thanks to @PHSIdeas at Twitter plus Owen Curnutt (@BreakfastLord) for the Bosell bit and Nicolas Peterson (@Mimekiller) for the Castorini idea.

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  • paddyandpeanut

    Proctor. I remember because my husband said it means "professor" or "teacher" (don't remember which).

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    Was this the night the material went out over the air mistakenly? I missed it 🙁

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    The fact that phil is now taking show ideas off twitter, using them and crediting the author is proof that phil has lost his creative drive, doesnt want to be here anymore, doesnt care about the integrityof his show, andcant wait to retire. honestly its sad for a guy like phil to do this. reminds me of jordan playing for the wizards. just quit phil.

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    Now you turn constructive … Fuck off, Sittle … Nobody cares what you have to say … Like I haven't listened to Tea-Bagged by the neighbors' cat a hundred times?!?

    Fuck off and Fuck Canada.

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    busted a gut this weekend. the family was over the house for memorial day. my uncle called, my mom picked up after the machine started recording and i got the whole conversation… my mom is bobby dooley!!! she even did the, "um humm.." sorry i posted rough stuff a couple of weeks ago. i was pissed.

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    sittle….fuck you.

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    where's the funny???? luv u, and miss u.

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    damn…. sorry, but crap on a stick…

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    Wareyes, i like the cut of your jib…

    The concepts aren't hard to come up with… Phil can pop those off all night, as you said it's the material, backstory and structure that are needed to create a better show. The minutia are what help to create realism and satire.

    Most of the shows as of late, take the main concept, repeat it for 15 minutes, maybe try to add a bit of material between the 15 and 20 minute mark and praying that an interesting caller shows up to take the bait…

    I'd love for Phil to charge an extra buck a month to all of us BSPers and hire some instudio help… whether that's a writer, audio technician or a fluffer is up to him, but it's obvious that the man could use an extra hand.

    With regards to the technical issues, it's atrocious that Phil has to deal with this shit… over 2 years of the crappiest connections to callers… That's just amateur hour, and it's apparent they aren't in a hurry to fix it anytime soon.

    Unless Phil gets phed up (or phired) it looks like he's going to retire on a down note… Which is an absolute shame as his unique perspective, satirical comedy and professionalism displayed in his body of work from the 90's to 2006 is simply outstanding…. Outfuckingstanding…

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    Using show ideas from the fans isn't a bad thing. Most productions have a team of writers, producers, and directors to keep things on track and keep the material fresh. Lettermen, Conan, Oprah (I had to throw that in the mix 🙂 ), etc shows are an hour long and employ hundreds of people. Phil has a 3 hour show and is pretty much doing all of the creative work himself. Then he has to deal with technical issues.

    I remember back in the day he had a few people on his staff that provided creative input and show ideas. He doesn't have that anymore. It's a one-man-show where the phones don't work. Perhaps the “fix” will be to hire the same caliber of creative staff he had when the show was great.

    One other thing…wouldn't all of these technical issues and TRN's inability to provide a resolution violate the terms of Phil's contract? I'm not a lawyer but I can see an out for Phil. Move to a network with functional equipment and competent engineers! I've heard other TRN shows and the sound quality is as bad or worst than Phil's.

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    Rock on sittle!

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    Go ahead turdbait… phil your pants… be my guest, critique away…

    For the record… who even said I own that site? I never said that… I could own any number of sites… I could be anyone…

    For the record, I didn't say "criticism is important to the process"… Much like Phil, you too seem to enjoy building straw men…

    No wonder why you sycophants drop to your knees and swallow up every drop from Phil… some of you ain't too swift…

    Try to keep on topic, tard..

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    I thought the Bosell bit had a lot of potential. The ongoing storyline of Steve's fear of his daughters class/principal really works. The ending of the bit had moments of brilliance-Steve's growing terror/ the principal latenight harrasment/Daughter wrestling him for the phone. It reminded me of a Lloyd Bonifide bit years back where Lloyd was having an affair with a neighbors wife and the guy shoots himself at the end of the bit-while Lloyd coolly drinks a glass of milk in his kitchen and mouths the name of the dead guy :"Carruthers" I think the bits from 10-03-2005. Anyways, tonite just for a few moments it was special-Thanks Phil.

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    sittle answer me this, why can't we critique your crappy site and "artwork" (looks like a retarded three year old fresh off a hand amputation drew that shit). If critisism is important to the process you should open yourself up to it. Although seeing how you constantly refer to yourself in the third person on your site makes me think the ego is to large and fragil to allow this. Fuckin maple jockey

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    To the sycophants… Do you only want to see positive comments here?… What's the point of that?

    If you don't want to see how I feel about the show… stop reading.. That's what I do to all the "Great show as always" posters… I ignore the vast majority of gloids (like bonch). People like that have nothing to offer, just a lot of name calling…. and that just rolls off my knife.

    It's a phree interwebs, I'll speak where I want too… especially while I'm paying the dime.

    The show sucks lately… This show had a couple of good moments (ie: the Dorton stabbing scene), but most of them were buried so deeply in the show or so poorly preformed (Steve's recording of Miss Dorton) that they had no real effect.

    45 minutes of material for Steves bit and it got 3 callers… 3 callers who added very little to the show in terms of laughs and content…

    I can continue pointing out why the show was in fact terrible, but what's the point… no one can disprove it, and most of you already know that, don'tcha bonchy…?

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    Sittle IS Phil. It's all part of Hendrie's therapy. (self-analysis, etc.) sheesh.

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    The whole story with seeing a person in a commencement gown fleeing the scene at 2 AM f-ing hilarious! The backwards talking and Steve being strangled by the phone cord was the icing on the cake

    Miss Dorton should get on the school PA and say “The Congressman is dead! There’s very little time my friends, please hurry! Take the medicine!”

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    @Truly.Yeah, it gets old. Everybody's money spends the same, I guess.

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    Sittle is the real-world personification of Comic Book Guy. "Worst. Show. Ever."

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    fine, Phil; looks like you want to play hardball. I will buy five BSP's if you will just, for the love of feathery jesus, cancel Sittle's membership.

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    Hey Rick.. Unfortunately not jokes…

    The concept isn't terrible, but this execution is sloppy seconds… Terribly dull. 15 minutes of "who did you send your picture to"… Jeeesh.

    The callers were duller than drying paint, but the twist (sending dicpics to leaving congregation) was nice, very nice. It got a little murky as the details weren't really planned out (sent pic to wife, not husband).

    Good concept, weak material, lousy callers.

    Steve again start out with a decent enough concept, but the material was really lacking as were the callers.

    The best thing about pre 2006 newstalk era shows was the continuity, all the characters had solid backstories and bits of information that rarely changed. … These bosell vs Corona schools suffer from a lack on continuity… The headmistresses name, motives and characteristics is continually changing. A year ago she was a domanatrix butch.

    The breathing on the phone thing was funny … was… It's been done, done last time… Backwards masking was phunny…. April didn't chime in the entire time, her choking of Steve was good, but it wasn't performed well.

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    so what exactly got on the air? Sorry I missed it

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    Good idea John… oh wait, you mean do stuff that always elicits a laugh?

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    Backward phone message was great!

    What about trying putting someone "on hold" and Ted Bell talking about them, then going back to air and denying talking bad about them.

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