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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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RC Collins says that for him to fight and die for his country he's going to need better stuff sent from home than handi-wipes and sunflower seeds. He wants the "civilians" to start spending some money. Kegs of root beer and "sausage san'wiches" are what he wants. And no peanuts either....

Charlie LeFountain is the father of a 14 year old girl he wants to protect from predators. He firgures if the kid is repulsive it'll put them off. So he's forcing her to over eat and gain weight until she's obese. He's also not allowing her to shower but two times a week "'til she smells like a goat." Recently he spotted "some creep hanging around a street corner." With his daughter and two of her friends in the car, Charlie stopped, got out some old Navy signalman flags and signaled to the guy "I got four of them...fat and repulsive." Charlie claimed "the guy then turned on his heel and walked straight out of town."


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