Hour 1: There’s flack over a photograph of Sarah Palin that appeared in Newsweek. Phil plays Sarah Palin’s interview with Barbara Walters and gives some commentary. He then talks about vampires and the Twilight movie and takes some phone calls. A study says Vermont is the healthiest state in the country. Levi Johnston poses for Playgirl. A kid named Will Phillips at the age of 10 decided not to recite the Pledge of Allegence.

Hour 2: Justin McElroy comes on the show to talk about Sarah Palin and the movie Twilight. The parent’s wouldn’t let the kids to see Twilight but they don’t mind the Sarah Palin picture in Newsweek. Justin’s Mom slapped him and he will turn her in unless she lets him see Twilight. He wrote a position paper to his classmates about it.

Hour 3: Justin is on again this hour talking about how scantily his mother dresses. Great minds at work segment about co-ed housing. Fort Hood slayings prompt Pentagon review. Then the stories we couldn’t get to.

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