Classic Hour

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

It’s our next to last Classic Archive Show for a while, this one featuring the timeless Steve Bosell-Dicksicle incident and his humiliation, therein. From November 20, 2000.

The BSP Classic Show is from December 2004. Pastor Rennick has a sermon he is preaching for the Christmas season. Logan joins the show for “My Grandpa Says.” RC discusses how he strives to enter the 101st Airborne. Jeff Dowder comes on for Hypothetical America. Today’s topic is “What would it be like if people could fly.” Public Television presents “Fooling around with Dad’s gun,” with Brian Warshan. David G. Hall has Phil hooked up to the show monitor for being dull.

Episode 1293 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    This is the funniest shit ever – damn! Phil, you sure help me out of some bad moods.

  • Chris

    Just hearing Bosell’s voice makes me laugh.

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    Matin Taraz

    I’ll listen to classics till hell freezes over……as long as I don’t have to hear Phil chewing gum.

    • TwiceRemoved77


      “I love nothing more than bubblegum.”

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    Don MacDonald

    Pastor Rennick rocks! I love how the white Christian callers really don’t know to react to a flamboyant, boisterous black preacher. Hilarious!

  • Avatar
    Troy Reiter

    Logan bit on the classic at 32:30 is outstanding. Phil bring back Logan.

  • Avatar
    Troy Reiter

    Dude that called in at 20 minutes was outstanding

  • Avatar
    Troy Reiter

    Thanks Phil for getting episodes out so early in the morning. I am a morning person and I am glad I don’t have to wait.

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