Hour 1:

“Larry the List Boy” Larry Grover decided to revisit an old family tradition by writing a letter to Santa Claus, asking for $10,000 from his dead fathers inheritance. Larry’s mother Bridgett took the letter and pretended to wipe her ass with it!

Hour 2:

“Mano E Mano, Drink to Drink” Steve Bosell took his family to a restaurant and ended up going head to head in a drinking contest with his 18 year old son to teach him a lesson about alcohol. Steve is humiliated that his his son drank him under the table.

Hour 3:

Phil talks about the KFI studio and how much it sucks. The PHS presents… “Movie Recommendations from You the Listener,” RC Collins chimes in!

  • Avatar

    This is like a birthday present to myself.
    Thanks Phil for all the laughs over the years.
    I listened with my dad back before my son was born and my son turns 21 next week!!:))
    I got back a bunch of the “Best of” cds i gave to my dad as presents before he passed.
    cheers and keep up the great work……oh and
    Please dont let Margarette sing…

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