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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

It’s Classic Archive Show Day featuring Chris Norton from November 6, 2000. Chris has a new cable operation, the Throb Channel, but Adelphia doesn’t want it.

The BSP Classic Hour is from April 2006. Restaurant owner Ted Bell purposely set his car alarm off just to see if his neighbors would respond.

Episode 1283 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Chris

    We can access all of this content already. Why not send this out for non-bsps and post a paywall only regular show for us one out of the two days? Non-bspers might be more motivated to join by getting archive material on the one hand plus a current show they are missing out on during the week.

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    Don MacDonald

    I know Tuesday is sa repeat show but Phil you said you were planning to run two classic shows a week in order to promote your show. Isn’t there a way you can promote your show where your current subscribers don’t have to listen to repeats. Those of us who subscribe are already sold on your show.

    • Ed Noponen
      Ed Noponen

      I agree. Nothing will help promote your show more than new, currently topical shows. Your treasure-trove of archived is a HUGE membership bonus for those already familiar with your comic genius, but who’s interested in old shows from someone with whom they are not yet familiar?

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      David Samarin

      I agree, And I don’t think he should go so far back, since it’s a completely different show now. There are so many new great shows since he’s been on the Podcast. (I refuse to call it a Netcast).

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    Craig Johnson

    Throb City is the name of the channel. This great bit also features Harvey Wireman.

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