Classic Hour

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

After a massive power failure hits the studio, Phil drags Vernon Dozier back on the air who had his wife demonstrate backing the Hummer over Vernon’s hand. Bobbie and Steve Dooley are headed to Trump’s next rally.

The BSP Classic Hour is from March 2002. Ted Bell is so embarrassed he over got a Mercedes loaner while his Jag was being repaired, he lets his kid drive the car while he hid in the back seat.

Episode 1268 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    I agree with the others. One of the best ever. Ted Bell talking about Lou Nooley screwing him with an E-Class loaner.

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    Always the Race Card, but I love the show.

  • Edward

    Oh so now Phil wants New York, Hell A, and San Fran Freako to decide all of the elections because there arent enough “people of color” anywhere else.

    Thank The founders for the Electoral College…yeeeesh.

    Come on Phil…I thoughtyou were smart.

  • pixel traveller
    pixel traveller

    Conservative politics,ugh

    You fascist jackasses voted for Trump, you lie in the bed you made

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    Phil please you have to have you and the gang do a send up of that fake indian, Warren…..this demands your satire….this is about the funniest story in a long time…I realize these days you are to the left of Rosa Luxemberg and Bela Kun but come on now…..this story demands your touch!

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      He really should, but his heart wouldn’t be in it I think.

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    Classic hour is one of the all time best Ted Bell bits.

    • Barbara


    • pyrobaculum

      That was the first Phil Hendrie i ever heard, when i had no idea who he was, i just remember the story getting more ridiculous and more hilarious as it went on – i’ve been a fan ever since!

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