Hour 1:

Phil welcomes Brad Rifkin to the show. He tells Phil and the audience that he can Photoshop women’s pictures to show men what they look like when they are naked. Women callers are outraged calling him a digital peeping Tom, and believe all he is doing is encouraging women to be treated like sex objects.

Hour 2:

Ted Bell is on to discuss driving thru puddles. He tells Phil that he drove thru a pond to splash a kid just to impress his son. Callers think Ted is cruel and think there are far more better ways to bond with his son.

Hour 3:

Sing Radio with Dr. Bob Fitzgibbons Health Show is on. He sings to “Superstition.” Phil plays a listener flashback called “Danger On The Front Lines of Iraq” from 11/11/04. Jeff Dowder calls in to talk about the Bohemian Grove. He believe George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld belong to it. He believes they burn stuff in a forest.

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