Hour 1:

Raj Faneen fills in for Phil. Raj does not understand Halloween and the “little bastards begging for candy”, and is confused about the difference between Halloween and Christmas.

Hour 2:

Phil talks about the upcoming movie Any Given Sunday, and the best and worst sports movies of all time.

Hour 3:

RC Collins and Austin Amarka call in and argue about who’s going to win the Mets vs. Braves game. Joe Dickhead keeps interrupting giving updates on the Mets game while Phil is trying to tell a story about a guy wrestling a bear. Jeff Dowder calls in to say that he’s protesting rodeos because they are “completely uncool”.

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    raj rocks!

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    Is there a Raj playlist?

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    That 1st. hour was great stuff……

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    Hour one was the best!!!

  • Steven Swoyer
    Steven Swoyer


    I’m listening to Oct 1999, why doesn’t the streaming work? I have to download it.


    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      You can shoot an email to customer support Steven

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