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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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We had Justin McCelroy joining us from LA Canyon High School to tell everyone that he was negatively affected by the cigarette smoking in the latest Herman Cain TV ad. And even if he wasn't, his mom told him to say he was. She voted for Obama.

Roland Schwinn from Pride America was on to discuss the McRib sandwich making a comeback at McDonalds. For "size-expanded" or "space-restricted" people like Roland and his friends the McRib is a disaster because fat people (the word "fat" caused Roland to go into a fit that sounded like Dr. Jekyll becoming Mr. Hyde) will flock to it like ants to sugar.  Roland therefore directed people to pictures of the McRib before it has sauce on it. It looks like "something a baby has ingested and then thrown back up."

With David G. Hall, Austin Amarka, Austins mother-in-law Mary Kay, RC Collins and Frank and Margaret Grey.


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