Vernon Dozier’s reaction to the Oakland police clearing the streets of Occupy protesters set off alarms around Belmar Acadamy. Dozier, a senior and junior class advisor,  told his students that he felt a stress release when he saw the Oakland police”cleaning up the hippies.” He described it as an “Oooh yeaah” moment with “a little bit of a hip thrust.”

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police is traveling to Denver to question the mother of a little boy, age 7, who presents as a female and who has joined the Girl Scouts as a result. Jay says there is so much of that “presenting as a woman stuff” happening that a lot of men, including him, are wondering from day to day whether they should be putting on a dress or a pair of pants to start the day.

With David G. Hall, Father James McQuarters and Jack Armstrong.

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    Nice Travis Bickle reference by Vernon slipped in there….if you pardon my use of the word "there"…

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    That article about walk indicating level of orgasms was from 2008!

    Yell at the news guy again…geez. He's on autopilot if he thought that was a new story.

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    Hip thrust, of coarse. HA HA very funny ! Phil is back in the grove!

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    "If you’ve got a hippie by the hair in your left hand, and a PR-24 in your right, what’s the natural move to make?"
    –Vernon Dozier-

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    Does anyone know why you can listen to the free stream on an ipod, but but the regular streaming does not work, even when you are logged on.

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