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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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In our first hour, Margaret Grey and Phil discussed an news item about a four year old boy who unwittingly shot his mother with a 12 gauge firing birdshot. The woman was okay but Margaret said the incident may not have been all that innocent. With millions of years of DNA and hormonal change working inside of them, a women's sons are  potential animals. Margaret never goes anywhere with Jason Jay Delmonico unless she's carrying mace or pepper spray and she damn sure never dresses provocatively!

Dean Wheeler from the Northern California Holistic Center joined the program to talk about a federal court of appeals striking down an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship from people before they can vote. Bravo, says Dean. Illegal immigrants are needed to vote since the legal American citizen is turning the country to warm crap with his vote. Yes, Dean says, he voted for Obama. But he made a mistake. He needs illegals to vote to balance out the lousy vote he's sure to cast next time as well.


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