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Monday, October 25, 2010

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Bob Green, CEO of Frazier Foods talked with Phil about his strong belief in family during these trying times. That's why any woman with a stroller containing more than one kid is not allowed in the store until she ties the kids up to a "colorful hitching post" outside. Mr. Green believes that a woman with lots of kids in a stroller is looking to lure a man in with her helpless and overburdened "act." It happened to him with a girl named Ashley. "I'd rather leave a kid of 6 months home a lone for an hour than risk a half a million in cash because that's what she cost me."

We welcomed Bobbie Dooley of the Western Estates Homeowners Association on the program to talk about Facebok. Ms. Dooley's sons Seth and Dylan and her husband Steve appeared in a photo on Seth's Facebook page. In it Seth and Dylan were laughing at a girl seemingly tied up nude on a bed and Steve was grinning at the camera with a beer. "It was a satire for 'Be Funny Or Die,'" said Bobbie. "The girl was supposed to be Rosilyn Carter." Bobbie says she isn't the kind of woman that would approve that kind of thing. "I'm well dressed, I have a large home, I own an Escalade, I'm a great interior decorator. Do I look like the type that thinks its funny to see her husband on Facebook in a jockstrap?"


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