RC Collins from Bradley Military Academy warns that the man who saved little Elisa Cardenas from a rapist/kidnapper may have “dropped the DA’s case down a hole” by cutting the man off and stopping him. While RC says the man did a great thing, if they find he violated the kidnappers rights they may have to “put the little girl back in the guys truck and do the whole thing over again.”

Later it was Bobbie and Steve Dooley in a bizarre hour about formal hgh school dances and appropriate dresses for girls. Bobbie says that any girl wearing any dress that even hints at the possibility of a girls body being different from a boy’s is provoking the boy’s hormones. “Okay, your daughter can wear what she wants but we’ll need bowls of condoms throughout the gym.”

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    Wow guys, very critical! How insightful to wait until the show's over and decide how it could be funnier. Monday morning QBs. Kinda like when your boss at work told you not to leave the basket in the oil so long because the french fries got burnt.

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    I would just like to say that this could be much better and that could have used a little dose of the hey hey instead of this happening and that happening and I just want to say another thing about the whatsit which could have been better utilized by the whatever. Clang.

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    ….bunch of ungrateful mother fawkers up in this section

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    Great show as always. Need an espresso machine in the studio there, Phil.

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    I 100% agree with Sittle. As soon as I read this story, I immediately wondered what Herb would say. Jay would be a great one as well to have on for this story.

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    Damn, what are the odds that there would be a gap of silence right when Bobbie says the line about bowls of condoms?! The gap is in both the single-hour and full-show MP3s. It happens around 52:45 in the full-show MP3. These lapses in recording started showing up a week or so ago.

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    The Dooly segment was mediocore… one caller…. Too bad, I loved Bobbies comments about having "Rape kits and Bowls full on condoms" at the dance…

    It was interesting to hear Bobbie take a conservative viewpoint, I think her usual liberal viewpoint (ie: encouraging young girls to express their sexuality through dress) may have attracted more calls and been phunnier…. Funnier yet to have Steve screening the girls to make sure they are dressed appropriately. Just 2 cents from a paying member.

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    Wow… what a swing and miss on the RC collins segment… RC wasn't his normal self, he was too laid back, RC is normally more bratty and uppity… He didn't challenge the callers, and as a result, the whole segment was a bore.

    Herb or Jay would have been 1000 times funnier… Phil, call Mulligan, and run the bit with Herb tonight.

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