Tonight Jay Santos and Dave Oliva engaged in an on-air debate about what should be done to offset the loss of police services in the face of budget cuts for many cities. Mr. Oliva, an aspiring police officer, believes we should reduce the number of hours spent training police on how to “make scumbags more comfortable in the patrol car” and spend more money on billy sticks and tasers. Jay Santos believes he and his “auxiliary police” are the answer, deftly manuvering their way around the U.S. Consitution with their “three-step takedown and “dancing past a person in the doorway” to gain access to their home.

The following hour it was the return of Reverand Dave Castorini’s Youth Ministry. The Reverand had $20,000 stolen from his church accounts by a young church assistant and fouind himself without the funds for a promised trip to Minnesota to open another youth church. He decided to sculpt a piece of art that he was sure would get paying customers to cough up enough money to make up for the shortfall: A blasphemous piece on The Virgin Mary. While Reverand Castorini says he is sorry and he’ll never do it again, he also says he does still get “walk up business to see the sculpture.”

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    I really liked the Jay & Dave segment…. I thought it was really refreshing and had some really phunny moments in it. It was nice to hear Jay noting some of their past efforts… I'm not a Dave phan, but he had some nice contributions.

    It would have been damn near a pre-2006 show if ONLY we could hear the C.A.P theme song…

    The Rev Castorini/Casanova/ Jim Pauly (pre 2006) was really phunny because it relied on the 3 act reveal that Phil executed to perfection on almost all of the pre-2006 shows. I always look forward to a "religious-baiting" show, it always draws out the great callers… and this segment did not let me down in this regard.

    I liked how the Rev, hit on the younger sounding girl… creepily delightful.

    Would have been nice to hear a bit more detail about the Rev's statue, I think it would have really offended some callers.

    Could it be that our fearless leader is remembering the awesome-nicity of the 3 act show?

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