Hour 1:

“Jesus Hates Your Football Team” Author Brad Rifkin joins the program to explain why prayer & football don’t mix. Phil talks about a tailgate party he helped organize for his kids high school.

Hour 2:

Bob Green feels that Bush calling a reporter a “major league asshole” is the biggest mistake the republican party has made since Watergate. Attorney Harvey Wireman wants to know if Phil thinks that Sigfried & Roy are homosexuals.

Hour 3:

Chris Norton was arrested for indecent exposure after he was caught taking nude photos of himself in a photobooth. Chris says he’s been wrongfully accused because the parents of the kids who caught him should have been watching them. Phil talks about drin

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    I’m forever looking for the Chris clip where he talks about an underage girl fooling him bc she shaved it like an arrowhead!

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    Chris Norton is awesome. When he does his beatoff breathing is classic!

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