Phil explains why he had another hissy fit on the air the night before..and then pulled the broadcast plug.

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    I agree with you Phil. Even i could tell that shit was too fucking loud when you started having the issue (few nights ago). I think your engineer tried to get ballsy with you about the level, i woulda had his ass shitcanned for getting that way, especialy during work.

    I dont know how your biz works though, but i was thinking, WTF is up with Jason, he needs to get on those SOBs asses like NOW. Aint he the damn producer?

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    awesome explanation of your emotional break downs 🙂 hilarious !

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    LOL, potted plant <3

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    get yourself a BSP, no affiliate needed

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    I'm so pissed that my Norfolk, VA affiliate dropped the show. I work midnight shifts and Listening to the show got us through the shift. Oh well, guess I have to start bringing in my laptop!!!!

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    Yo Phil, hang in there brother. I know how it feels. I'm on meds as well (though I have to say, weed helps me a lot, haha).

    Great Carl Stalling music in the intro too lol

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