Citizens Auxiliary Police Brigadier Admiral Jay Santos is monitoring activity near precious metal  businesses to make sure people aren’t buying too much gold and starting a panic. He checks peoples purchases, asks them if they are trying to corner the market, if they plan on reporting the taxes and other intrusive, ignorant queries. In our next hour, Ted Bell tells Phil he was gracious enough to admit to a female customer that it was his condom she found in her baked potato and that he would be glad to comp her a new one. What does he get for his honesty? Listen…

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    BTW, after watching the reads at the end of the show, the people at Dynapep are a bunch of pussies if they don't make their new slogan, "Dynapep, GODDAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!"

    SOLID gold slogan right there..

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    I just listened to BOTH bits… Sittle's review is dead on correct, again!

    There were a few chuckles on the Jay Santos bit, however rather weak in total.

    The Ted Bell bit was a good listen, almost classic… almost!

    Thank God for the archives…

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    I agree…great show with solid, classic characters. I could listen to Jay or Ted read the stock market updates and laugh my ass off. Certain characters always suspend my disbelief and allow me to forget it's actually Phil…which is why I Lyle Loved-it (not sure how to phonetically type out a diphthong…or whatever swallowing your "L's" is called)…the Ted bit writes itself…baked potato, sour cream, condom, callers…laughter.

    Plus…I think passing his audition and being hired for NapTNT has helped him relax a bit.

    Thanks Phil.

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    Great fucking show!

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    Jay Santos!!!…One of my all time faves!! …Great show..Ted Bell was a great segment also!!

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    I honestly think Sittle and a few other jackballs watch the videocast to see what Phil likes and doesn't like and then take the opposite point just to piss him off. Anyone that finds faults with last nights show is just looking to bitch for the sake of bitching. Both the Santos and Ted Bell segments were solid Hendrie. The callers were also very good last night.

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    On face value, both the Jay and Ted feature material and subject matter that seems to have come from the archive standard bits that each respective character specialize in. These bits seemed to be shoe-ins for laughs. Unfortunately Jay missed the mark completely and Ted knocked one into the stands… These two episodes really highlight how much the show depends on the callers right now because the material is so weak and ill prepared.

    On the setup Jay voices his (and the CAPs) concern for the panic purchases of gold, makes an odd comparison towards marijuana, but a nice touch on Jays checkered past, couple of good solid chuckles. It's good baiting too for the patriot crowd, Jays typical nosiness infringes on peoples personal rights and financial information… right in Jays wheelhouse.

    The banter after the 15 minute mark doesn't really accelerate the story much, but while the scenario outside a gold conversion shop was decent, lacked some really funny moments (ie: 3 step take down) but it was good for the post newstalk era.

    There are a couple decent laughs in here (Mr. Glock), but as usual Jay is out of character (snivelly and lacking confidence, unable to recite his own manoeuvres), lacking any real material, and simply participating in conversations with dumb ass talk radio callers.

    Again, when a callers specifically asks Jay what his submission and evasive manoeuvres are… Jay draws a blank… Phil and Jay have a plethora of history on this… Any BSP member worth their salt can name at least 3 off the top of their head.

    Ted's bit is really solid, stark contrast to Jays. Teds setup was rather humourous, … Phil gave it a good patriot wash, which is understandable, but the conversations always turned back to the condom in the baked potato and Ted's morals. Sets up a typical Ted vs Phil debate.

    Not a lot of new material introduced after the setup, but, against all odds, the callers helped to supply the humour on this one; some great callers, some great exchanges and Ted had some really good one liners.

    Teds episode was a really good episode, honestly funny and well performed. A great listen. The best Phils' had in a couple of weeks.

    On the Dannger scale, Jay gets 3 gay thumbs down, but Ted gets 5 gay thumbs up, with a dollop of sour cream on the tip!

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    great show phil. could you send bud through the mic to kill sombody in medford?

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