Tonight Herb Sewell was a last minute guest, filling in for a security specialist who got sick. Problem was Herb was talking about the need to pat down young children at airport security….and Herb spent 8 years in prison for molesting children. Herb though said he had served his time and was happy that for the first time in a long time he could talk about kids in a news story that has nothing to due with child abuse. He said he found the experience “very freeing.”

Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills came on board to discuss the accidental serving of alcohol to children that occured at a couple of different restaurants last week. Ted said that food servers become so frazzled and disoriented by rambunctious kids they “walk almost as if in a trace to the bar and order alcohol for the kids as a way of medicating them.” It even happened to Ted one night when he found himself “filling a kid’s sip cup with table wine from a jug.”

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    Sad Phil became so hateful and then alienated half his audience after the invasion of Iraq. If I want cheap, right wing commentary I’ll tune into Limbaugh.

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    I think Herbs intro was perfect. A lot of you guys (and by "you guys" I mean "one guy") always complain that there's no jokes. I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. Do you (rhetorical question in progress) want the characters to roll off a Mitch Hedberg style setup-punch line? Phil's characters communicate ideas which are funnier than jokes. The entire interaction with the character is what's entertaining, and sometimes, brilliant.

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    Kilroy is right on … Phil rocks and the haters are jealouse of his success

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    Oh Herb, how we have longed to hear your sick and twisted voice on the airwaves again!

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    Sittle, that blow-by-blow where you went over the minutiea of the show there and then suggested similar but supposedly superior bits. That was very classy.

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    Keep on reviewing the show, don't worry about what ESL or ometepino think.

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    Great show Phil, fuck the haters!

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    Shut your trap. Nobody cares about your little opinions.

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    Sittle-Great idea pulling similiar and BETTER bits from archives-Phil needs to listen to his characters inflections-lately they seem much to fast, using terminology from other characters, i.e. "Father" from yesterdays Justin McElroy which- as mentioned- is terminology from RC Collins.

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    Nice new angle on Herbs introduction, a lot of philler on this setup, and no jokes, but it was entertaining.

    After the commercial break, Phil and Herb are both talking really fast… too much dynapep? The first caller is dull. Phil has revealed everything he had loaded for this episode by this point and he's really just hoping that the callers leave a humourous opening. Herb made a couple good innuendoes, but that's about it.

    The twist… David G comes on…a 15 minute conversation with David G and Herb both out of character… The rest of the bit was really schizophrenic… All philler, no killer.

    Herb was talking too fast, and COMPLETELY out of character… 0 of Herbs giggles, laughs and offsetting oddities. BRUUUUTALLL.

    Teds' setup has a tonne of information. Short on laughs, a lot of convolution. Long story short, Ted's saying it's understandable that restaurant workers give kids booze, Ted's done it once himself.

    Great joke at the start of the 20 minute mark… It doesn't really improve the story or segment, but it's funny. The bit starts to get better from there, not much, but better. The bit relies on callers for the humour, they don't deliver, but Ted gets a couple of cuties off and that improves another otherwise dull segment.

    Phils' done this material before, only better… Better story, better scenarios, better attention to detail… Don't take my word for it… Listen to this Gem from the archive (H2)… See which one makes you laugh harder…

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