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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tomorrow we announce the winners in our Bar Fight Showdown…. On today’s show, Larry Grover supports Bill O’Reilly in the midst of his ongoing sexual harassment charges but resents “all the poooon-tang” he gets. Bobbie and Steve Dooley defend Ivanka Trump’s business and remind Phil the ‘American’ pronunciation is ‘I-VAA-nka.’ Don Micksa accuses Channel 19 anchor Don Bergman of sexually harassing him.

The BSP Classic Hour is from December 2005. Larry Grover of Conservatives of Kern County discusses aging parents and the decision to put them in an assisted living facility. Larry utilizes something called “Accelerated Awareness” which introduces the elderly person gradually to dementia.

Episode 884 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Phil. You r a genius like Rickles was …..the Best Phil. Kind regards. Chris

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    Has to be one of my favourite Grover bits! Phil you kill me!

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    Great show Phil.

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    Kevin Harrison

    Thank you for the great times I’ve had over the years. I was in the I.C.U. at the hospital waiting to die. I had my Zune and I listened to downloads of the show. One night while I listening to one of the shows, my Zune interrupted the signals from my heart sensor. The nurse on duty thought I was having a heart attack. She and I were both relieved when it was discovered that listening to your show was the reason. No problem, I was able to continue listening after they removed the sensors.

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