The show started with a discussion of the Chilean earthquake.

Margaret Grey brought on her husband Frank to challenge General Shaw’s insolence, but all it did was bond the two men together against her “big bazoo” as Frank calls Margaret’s big mouth. General Shaw was also angry at what he saw as Malaysian incompetence. “I wanna go down there and knock their tiny little heads together.”

Dr. Ron Tarner let it slip that he has remarried and he had a meltdown over the fact he now will not receive spousal support money from his ex-wife…

And a bunch of other stuff too…

Episode 90 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    david bell

    You’re right about tech guys and interface design, or web page design. Some people are great with code, but don’t know the first thing about design. KISS. Keep it simple stupid. There’s a science behind it. It’s why there’s the big button that you spoke of, and why google looks the way it does. It’s why web pages designed for a phone are crap on a laptop or computer. And that’s my 3 credits of interface design class speaking. Thank-you very much.

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    John Pace

    I wonder if women would find me or Mr. Hendrie more attractive.

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    Herb Sewell

    things you dont wanna hear when your Shawshanked.{Just entering prison}
    10; the condom still works
    9” i do likes it in the butt
    8….im not a virgin
    7….have you ever hear the sweat sound an ass makes upon entering?
    6….bend over an i will drive you home
    5…. i can trade 5 moonpies from commisary for a wee tickle
    4….. its both an exit and an entrance
    3,,,,,,your bunk or mine ,i dont care
    2,,,,,, just what the fuck is a “tossed salad” in here
    and “1 on the out side i worked a Leaf blower,, funnything is my cell mate is Mr Leaf…….. love Herb

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    Herb Sewell

    things you dont want to hear from your girlfriend
    i dont like it in the butt
    im a virgin
    my dad is my brother and our kids should turn out juss fine
    im keeping my maiden name of shitcocksucker
    im gay
    and finally
    ”””” the condom broke……. love Herb

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    Herb Sewell

    Dolomite,,hes one badass mothatruckahhhhh,dont mess wit Dolomite.

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    Andrew Stahmer

    Anyone remember the 1974 movie “Boss Nigger” with Fred Williamson??

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    Shawn Dougherty

    I always need to download the show and listen later so I REALLY APPRECIATE you making the pre-show available as an audio download. THANK YOU.

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