The Phil Hendrie Show this morning kicked off with Larry Grover bagging on Obama for “wasting time with the Boston Bostocks and their World Series when there are so many more important things going on.” The interview fell to new lows when Larry’s mother once again came on the line and initiated some sexual contact between herself and Larry….

Margaret Grey and Dean Wheeler tried to speak on behalf of Mississippi death row inmate Michelle Byrom, but couldn’t ever really pronounce her last name properly and didn’t know the method of capital punishment in the state, assuming they “just throw a rope over a tree branch…”

Steve Bosell was crying about Mark Zuckerberg getting 3 billion dollars in stock options even as he watched the LA County fire guys flying over his property and bare-assing him for the second straight year.

Episode 89 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Well, I kinda agree here with Susan. Honestly though ive never liked Bobbie Doodley bits ive been a BSP for a ages and ive been listening to Phil on a daily basis since about 2001.

    I just find her boring and reptative, which im sure Phil would kick my ass around the block for sayin since that’s been his bread and butter character for years.

    Ive always preferred pretty much any other characters besides the Dooleys.

    My simple solution here for me with the new format Phil’s got goin, I only listen to the first hour and dump it when the dooley hour starts.

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    Thank you, Gene, for your explanation. I understand your point about the show needing to be longer, but there are plenty of other podcasts; why does it constantly nave be Dooley’s? I agree with the people who like Bud: I’ve also come to like Margaret. I do miss my favorite character, RC Collins, though. Truly, I’m a huge Hendrie fan. I listen to him on a daily basis, and he was fabulous live (in San Francisco). I just can’t stand the Bobbie & Steve Dooley characters. It wasn’t a big deal when I could just ignore her podcast, but now she’s unavoidable. And in the end, I guess it’s just all part of Phil’s genius — that he could create such psychologically disturbing characters, and make them so real!!!

  • Gene Clauson
    Gene Clauson

    Susan, I’ll explain the concept as I believe it to be: Phils new show (since the change-over from radio) is shorter in time, putting in Bobbie’s show makes it longer thereby avoiding people not bitchin’ about a shorter program….Brian, we all have a different sense of humor, personally I think Bud is hysterical

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    Joshua Thigpen

    bah hahahahaha this show is awesome! nothing’s wrong with it. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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    Andrew Stahmer

    really the only difference between Margret and Bobby is that Bobby just DOES IT, and Margret threatens violence but 90% of the time doesn’t follow through…but Bobby seems a bit more refined whereas Margret is pretty crass.

    as Bud himself would probably say; your just RACIST against the DISABLED.

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    Brian Sherrill

    Can you please shit-can Bud Dickman? He is terrible…not funny at all. That bit should have been done away with LONG ago.

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    So apparently Bobbie Dooley has now branched out and is kicking the shit out of not only Steve but announcer Gene Wiffner. I enjoy listening to Phil’s shows, and have deliberately avoided Dooley’s podcasts.–She isn’t worth listening too; I’ve never found her violent dominance over Steve, and now Gene, at all amusing. So my question is WHY are you integrating Dooley’s and Phil’s shows? I find myself relaxing on the couch, enjoying the Famous Phil Hendrie show, and out of the blue Dooley comes on, and I have to get up and turn off my laptop. Very respectfully, I’m asking, please keep the two separate. Apart from my distaste for Dooley, I don’t understand the concept.

  • Rick Mantler
    Rick Mantler

    Bring back Nikki! She promised cleavage on the show on Monday, but come Monday….she was gone.

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    Andrew Stahmer

    Ronnie James Dio ‘Rainbow in the Dark’

    rainbow = I’m (he’s) gay
    in the dark = but I’m (he’s) in the closet


    Or maybe it’s just about how you can’t see now rainbows IN HELL!!

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