Classic Hour

Happy Weed Day. The two founders of Ben and Jerry’s are arrested in DC & Dr. Jim Sadler discusses what he considers to be their sheer hypocrisy. Reverend Dave Castorini can spot a fellow pastor who’s in the closet. Don Berman’s always wanted a Ferrari, and when he hears of one crashing, he gets emotional.

And the BSP Classic Hour comes from April 2003 featuring Margaret Gray, who says she believes Scott Peterson’s claims of love for his wife (that he allegedly killed), and says he is innocent.

Episode 624 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Andrew

    Don Berman sounds like the chef without the mouthful of sour cream

  • Andrew

    L. Ron Martin/Martino is such an asshole and I love it. He should step up his annoyance game, maybe “accidentally” spill coffee beans and break out a vacuum cleaner while Don is trying to talk to you.

  • Avatar

    to have “Bone” behind me, gives me reason to live

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