Classic Hour

It’s a “Phil Only” show, one in which Phil tries to take on a more reasonable tone when it comes to the, ahem, presidential election. You be the judge.

From April 2000, Margaret Gray is raising money to get abortions for poor women. Margaret explains that the fetal tissue of aborted babies is vital in getting Hollywood actor Christopher Reeves walking again.

Episode 629 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Greg

    I enjoyed your opinion Phil. Keep it up!

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    Gary Harper

    Good listening.

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    Andrew Duggan

    Nice bit about China, circa 1980 on a bike ride. Hope Hillary can make America great again. Respectfully, AD.

  • Cody Elms
    Cody Elms

    Great show. Didn’t agree with it all, but if there were more people in the media who would address Trump, Clinton, Obama, Cruz, and basically all of the politicians in the manner you did here, we would have more intelligent leaders on all levels of government.

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    I don’t like Trump, but we will get what we have had for the last 50 years. Total bullshit.

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    Hey Phil great show…’re tone demonstrates the fact that this guy Trump is no longer a circus clown, he is dangerous. Thank you for putting your money where your mouth is, I’m sure some of your listeners don’t want to know what’s really happening and how dangerous this is. I enjoyed todays show, Big balls for you to use your own platform. Thanks Phil

  • Andrew

    Well I was apprehensive at first about this episode, but Mr. Hendrie made a lot of good points and backed them up. Hard to argue with much of it. Seemed like a decent look at the facts without the BS that others tend to pour in. Good show today.


    Ok, Phil. Let’s have a discussion of the alternative as well.

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