Vernon Dozier is a high school teacher with a Facebook page and over 400 female friends, all of them under 18 and some of them not students at his school. How does he get away with posting a picture of himself while in South America wearing nothing but underwear that he thought “was a pair of speedos?” It’s a twisted tale.

Later, Ted Bell explains why texting and tweeting while driving is okay for him but not for “some of these lousy punk kids. I told one kid you’re going to kill every Christina soul with your texting and he says to me ‘I’m Jewish’ Of course he is. The westside is crawling with Jews.” Ted barely gets out of the hour alive and blames Phil for everything.

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    Ah, yes–Walter Belhaven. Man, how long has it been since the last Herb Sewell bit? Seems like forever. Sigh. 🙁

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    Rick from San Luis Obispo, CA. A stones throw from our pal Walter Belhaven

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    Shout out to Chris and Cait (KATE)….last time you called my wife Cat….she's not a feline…well sort of.

    -Almost Newport Beach, CA

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    Agreed, the Ted Bell preshow was comedy gold
    "I was distracted by a baby going down a slide."

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    Lookin sexy in that knit cap Phil

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    LOL, Jason had steak on the brain – The Mariners play at Safeco Field which is next to Qwest Field (which is where the Seahawks play).

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    The FB segment if one of the best ever! I was in tears!!

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    I want my GD Ted's of Beverly Hills bowling shirt…

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    first 10 minutes…COMEDY GOLD!

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