Bobbie and Steve Dooley share with Phil and his audience something they think is very remarkable. In a number of photos taken by flash cameras on roller coasters, their eldest son Seth is showing no emotion. His face is “flattened” or “he just has a slit for a mouth” says Steve Dooley. In other words, he has “ice water running through his veins.” Bobbie believes her son has nerves of steel and should get a recommendation from Congressman Henry Waxman to enter the Marine Corp Officer training school at Quantico, Va. Most of the callers think it’s possible Seth is simply a psychopath.

The following hour Robert Green, CEO of Frazier Foods grocery chain, offers Phil the opinion its time to move on from the Ground Zero mosque controversy. After all, on September 10th, when the fasting of Ramadan ends, there’s ging to be a lot of hungry Muslims and Bob has just layed in a supply of New Zealand lamb chops. If Phil and other talk hosts keep talking about this mosque, Muslims will stay away from sponsors like him and Christians will stay away from lamb chops because they just got the word Muslims like them.

Later Phil does Shout-Outs and Bud reads the Bud Dickman Nightly News.


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