Hour 1:

Phil starts out with some commentary. Fox reports that a UN report advocates teaching masturbation to 5 year olds. Only problem is, it isn’t true. Then he takes some phone calls. Some students in Florida wear tee shirts that say Islam is of the devil to school.

Hour 2:

Phil talks some more about Ted Kennedy’s death, then takes some phone calls. Lloyd Bonafide comes on the show to say that his wife has a brain tumor. It turns out she didn’t have a brain tumor, she was just talking about the woman’s suffrage movement which Lloyd knows nothing about. Toward the end of the show Phil talks politics.

Hour 3:

A Muslim woman sues a judge because he asked her to remove her scarf in court. Phil then talks about religion. He talks briefly about being anonymous on the Internet. Then he takes some calls. and news we couldn’t get to.

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