Hour 1:

Phil talks about torture. The question you shouldn’t ask. If they allowed anyone in, should we revive the Nazi party. Ted Kennedy dies of brain cancer. As you like to hear them segment with Eric Holder. He talks about the death of Ted Kennedy and torture.

Hour 2:

Phil starts the hour talking about the CIA being investigated, then he takes some phone calls. Bobbie Dooley comes on the show to talk about texting and driving. She has a program called Glance Up. It’s point is to say that young people should make sure to glance up while they’re texting. Then the texts won’t be garbled.

Hour 3:

Bobbie continues to talk about her program Glance Up. Phil talks about losing weight, and takes a phone call. There is a terrible story about a snake that killed a 2 year old baby in Florida. A kid in California wanted to blow up a school. Then the stories we couldn’t get to.

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