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Phil discusses the Rio Olympics with Coach Dozier who is on his way there. Wait till you hear what he’s worried about. Let’s just say that hat size has something to do with it… Also Bobbie Dooley and Margaret Grey debate Trump/Clinton. And Curt Queedy and Guy Barton on 1968 and 2016.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from August 2 2002, Bobbie Dooley formed an organization “Enough Is Enough” discouraging media coverage of child abductions.

Episode 699 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Slide whistles!!

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    I love it when Phil pluralizes stuff and I don’t know why I like it. It humorous when Phil talks about, “The various creams and sauces”…or “The multitude of cheeses”, etc. etc. Phil aficionados know what I’m saying. It actually makes me hungry sometimes.

    I’m sorry Elcott’s engineer, Jerry, is dead. But I bet an elevated superior Platinum Overseer can bring him back….and maybe that would be Heevener himself.

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    Jay Hubner

    Heard you talking about ordering furniture on-line. I always say buy local, but it’s your funeral.
    Shipping furniture to your house is risky! Make sure they have a liftgate on the trailer to get it down to the ground, and if you need it brought in the house, make sure you pay for Inside Delivery, or White Glove delivery! They’ll drop it on the curb and leave if you don’t.
    If the Shipping company requires a delivery appointment, make your appointment at a time when you can wait, because a lot of them run late, especially if you set up a time before 5pm. Better to set one up after 5pm. They have to do all the business deliveries first, so they’ll hit a residence last.
    I do this for a living, so just trying to help a guy out. Glad you’ve had good luck having things shipped to your home, but appliances and furniture are harder to get delivered to expectation, because these are usually LTL companies that deliver, and they’re geared for dock to dock, not residential. The more you pay, the better service you’ll get, just like anything. Try to check for damage if they let you. Many drivers won’t even let you check. Good luck!
    Great show as always!

  • kevin niren
    kevin niren

    Can you bring back LLOYD BONIFIED PLEASE. I need a fix. he’s like a drug to me, but you kicked him to the curb because of Shaw. hes cool too, but I know LLOYD would be pissed at the election, the wars, etc. HAVE A CARE, MOTHERF*CKER. IF you can bring him back more pissed and cussing more. I think it would be a riot. P.S. Phil, THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS. 15yr sub. your biggest fan…Kevin

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      chris daley

      I second Kevin’s request. Lloyd brings it!

    • John Burkett
      John Burkett

      Mouth siren! Mouth siren!

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    Great classic choice! The inflection of Bobbies cadence cracks me up every time!

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    Phil – Can’t believe you opened this show with Led Zeppelin bumper music instead of your favorite Lenny Bruce vintage patter – nor did you pay tribute to Lenny on this, THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS DEATH
    on Hollywood Boulevard on August 3rd 1966.
    You BLEW It! You BLEW It!!

    (P.S. At least you can pay your respects on Friday @ the Improv!)

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