Tonight, Dan Shakleford of Net Neutrality Now, argued on behalf of what he called, Free Speech. “The United States government should not be allowed to restrict any access to the internet” and the support the First Amendment would need would be people going to any and all websites no matter how loathsome. “I consider it my duty to the First Amendment to go to all kinds of pornographic sites including child porn sites and navigate them for at least 5 minutes everyday no matter how sick. I also muist call Obama a n***** at least once a day. I don’t want to but I have too.”

Later it was high school senior Justin MacElroy talking with Phil about a so-called white paper he and a friend published at their high school. In it MacElroy tells fellow students to get their parents so angry they slap the young person. After crying the student then extracts an apology from their parents, emotionally blackmailing them into buying the kid an IPhone or Android. Justin tells Phil “Today the teen has it tough ad doesn’t want to wind up on a slave farm.”

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  • loquacky

    I think Phil is brilliant and funny as hell but I cant find any humor in child porn sites or animal abuse sites it makes me sick i think Phil should draw the line in areas like that, I could not listen to that segment, it reminded me too well of the sick world we live in.

  • sittle

    You know Geppy…. pre 2006 was even more impressive, because it was really phunny, and phil spent even more time to prepare the segment…

    The Dan Shackleford segment was pretty solid, a little light on laughs, but otherwise a pretty good listen. This segment probably would have been funnier if Dean Wheeler was making the argument… Or if the bit was actually done by Herb, and allow a third act to be the unveiling of Herb Sewells checkered past …. that would have sent some callers wild.

    Justin's premise setup was pretty standard as far as Justin goes a little subpar as Justin didn't really show a disdain for adults… He normally is heavy on the name calling and attitude, and Phil seemed to overlooked it. I didn't get many laughs out of the segment, but it was a decent hour of entertainment.

  • geppy79

    This is the first time I watched the Video on demand! I can't believe you guys come up with this stuff on the fly. Very impressive!

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