Hour 1:

Margaret Gray in on the program with her annual X-mas protest, Rudy Canosa joins her as they sing “Deck the Halls.” Phil talks about how he’s been coming in to work a little later than usual. Jim Sadler claims Phil said the script for “Teachers” was stupid when he first read it. Combover Boy’s website has a chatroom, Phil’s listeners have been jamming it. Harvey Wireman promotes “A Christmas Carol” which will be performed on tomorrows webcast. Frank Gray has gender confusion while talking about David Fernish, Elton John’s husband.

Hour 2:

Ted Bell of Ted’s of Beverly Hills had to fire an employee after a sexual harassment claim in regards to an inappropriate gift given at their company Secret Santa gift exchange. Phil talks about Saddam Hussein and Mancow.

Hour 3:

Chris Pootay’s Love Songs: Chris freaks out when he takes a call from a woman he met at a signing. Phil reads some e-mail. Gaylan Shaw is looking for TV shows that families can enjoy and shares his feelings on interracial relationships. Phil enjoys some character quotes and talks about Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Bud Dickman says too many blacks and gays at the Academy Awards. Jeff Dowder calls in to discuss Bonnie Hunt.

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