Pagans Dean and Emerelda Wheeler plan quite the event December 25th

Dean Wheeler of the Northern California Holistic Center and a Druid priest in his “Pagan community” discussed an upcoming pagan event, the simulated sacrifice of an infant on the Capitol Mall Christmas day to get exposure for pagan, heathan and Wiccan religions. “We mean absolutely no offense, Phi, to any Christian but when they see us pretend to dagger-up and gut an infant we hope they think ‘Christ child.” Dean meanwhile was soaking in a tub and telling his wife in the background that if she used the toilet that he’d already backed-up she had to plunge it…

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    The entire "Daggering" bit – brilliant.

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    Phil's commitment to the environment is indisputable – and I have a new favorite quote: "Nature is cool; I dig it." This belongs on a T-shirt.

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    Apathy 2, I read you.

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