Hour 1: Phil starts out the hour talking about the passing of the healthcare bill. Justin McElroy is happy that this vote is happening. Older people just don’t get it. He wants all his friends to go down to Washington DC to support the senators, but not to tell their parents because they won’t let the kids go.

Hour 2: Justin McElroy continues his commentary. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon separate. The parents of the Balloon boy are sentenced to jail. Phil talks about Tiger Woods, and Freedom from religion.

Hour 3: A Phil Hendrie Christmas Carol with: Bud Dickman as Ebenezer Dickman, Phil Hendrie as Bob Cratchit, Margeret Grey as Mrs. Cratchit, R.C. Collins as Tiny Tim, Dave Oliva as Fred, Bobbie Dooley as the Ghost of Christmas past, Ted of Beverly Hills as the Ghost of Christmas present, Robert Leonard as Jacob Marley, Herb Sewell and Raj Fahneen as The Portly Gentlemen. Phil then plays Fairytale of New York by The Pogues


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