Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Wednesday, December 25-Show Log by Paul Dintino
Hour 1:
Secret Santa spotlight: 75 year old Alf Berradi – He gives veteran widows money to help out, some are grateful, some are not. If they’re not he goes and asks for the money back. Steve Bosell saved 2 lives, his and his wife’s. His wife had to go to the bathroom when they were in a gang-infested neighborhood, he said no, she urinated in the car, he’s suing her.

Hour 2:
Jay Santos of the Citizen’s Auxiliary Police is on to get the beards off of the Santa’s during Christmas because they reminded his son of Bin Laden. Larry Grover with a flashback. Chester Shunt with “let’s fix something around this place.”

Hour 3:
Dean Wheeler joins Phil to talk about his art piece “Jesus Dinner” and he expects a grant from the NEA. He demands tax dollars to show Jesus in a microwave and on a tiki torch. A drunk DJ is playing Christmas music and takes some dedications.

  • ron

    This is some outrageously straight funny shit. Thanks Phil for the entertainment

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