Hour 1:

“Getting Wood In the Morning” with Skippy and Frank! Phil discusses “homies”, Stephen Spielberg’s kidney problem, and the Alaskan Airlines crash. The story of how Dr.Brown helped Billy use psychotherapy. “Getting Wood In the Morning” with Skippy and Frank

Hour 2:

“Valentines Day Gifts” Syndicated columnist Margaret Gray joins the program to talk about Valentines Day. Margaret says that as a woman she’s intimately familiar with the gifts women really want, like a gift certificate to an electrolysis center or anythi

Hour 3:

Phil talks about a man who recently received the congressional medal of honor. Phil apologizes to his listeners for reporting that President Bill Clinton was shot, intern Bud Dickman chimes in. Pastor William Rennick claims the design of the Statue of Lib

  • provopauly

    That Mr. Clean rant to end hour 3 was easily top 5 rants of all time! “What I wouldn’t give for a good ocean blow.”

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