Hour 1:

“Runaway Slaves” Clara Bingham from Joyful Union Congregation joins the program. Clara feels the descendants of while slave owning families that got “ripped off” in slave trades are equally deserving of reparations as African Americans are.

Hour 2:

Phil complains about the dumb, racist callers his show gets. Phil talks a little bit about Foghorn Leghorn magician Doug Henning. Chris Norton joins the program, he has written a new book about PMS titled “How to Ride the Crimson Wave.” Chris says he’s th

Hour 3:

Chris Norton, author of “How to Ride the Crimson Wave” joins the program (cont’d). “Coast to Coast” with Art Bell: General Johnson Jameson talks about the Alaskan Airlines flight crash.

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    Hour 3 with Art Bell spin off is genius.

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    Hour one was Brad Rifkin talking about John Rocker not Clara Bingham.

  • Carlos

    The chupacabra is back.

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    It was Clara Bingham (not Mavis), I was trying to download. I figured it out and found what I was looking for, I think the problem was my computer. Hope all is well with everyone at the show, I’ve been a big fan since ’97.

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