Hour 1:

Intern Bud Dickman gets on Phil’s case after he announces that he doesn’t want to do anymore public appearances. Phil talks about the fan letters he used to receive from Sean Hannity. Margaret Gray says that ever since the Northridge earthquake in ’94 her

Hour 2:

Margaret Gray tells Phil that ever since the Northridge earthquake in ’94 her son has been sleeping in her bed. (continued) Bob Bakian reports with the news that Barbara Streissand will no longer be performing live. Phil talks about moving to his new hous

Hour 3:

“The 13th Floor” Don Parsley is ashamed of the fact that he didn’t go into work today because he’s afraid of the 13th floor. He wants to make sure that his family will be taken care of should anything happen to him. Bud Dickman co-hosts.

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    Bud Dickman is hilarious. Makes me laugh every time. “Norma Vince Appeal.” LOL

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