Hour 1:

“Hedy Lamarr Tribute” Attorney Harvey Wireman joins the airwaves to discuss the life and times of actress Hedy Lamarr. RC Collins chimes in! Jay Santos from “Fallen Star Entertainment” joins the program, they perform theatrical reinactments of famous cel

Hour 2:

“Fallen Star Entertainment” (cont’d) Phil talks about his zero tolerance policy for affiliates that tape delay his show. Phil receives a call from an old lady from Anchorage Alaksa who attempts to crank the show.

Hour 3:

“The Art of Self Fulfillment” Dr.Jim Sadler says he stopped practicing yoga because it was a cult that practiced “self fellatio.” Phil talks about going whale watching with his family.

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    Fun drinking game: drink every time the word “yeah” is used in the first segment. Weirman at his best!

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    Harvey Wireman talking with another old guy is golden…I am watching my football games today, but nite the games , while listening to Phil Hendrie anchovies classics…funny, funny, .. lmao this Sunday.

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    Wireman flirting with that woman who lost her husband 10 years ago had me rolling. And his amazement that they would have anything to do with Japanese

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